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What’s Out Today – April 10th, 2020

Stuff other than THAT game for April 10, 2020.

Final Fantasy VII Remake | PS4

“A re-imagining of the iconic original with unforgettable characters, a mind-blowing story, and epic battles.”

PlayStation Store

Alder’s Blood | PC and Nintendo Switch

“Alder’s Blood is a tactical-strategy with stealth-based combat, RPG elements, crafting, resources gathering and management, exploration and rich storyline. Set in a grim world, where mankind killed their God and is facing extinction.”


Nintendo Switch

CatSpin | iOS (also Android)

CatSpin returns to iOS 10 years after its initial release with improved gameplay.


Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey | PS4 Physical Release from Limited Run Games

Kunah, a boy from the fire dragon tribe is one day summoned by the god that reigns over the world above, Vanneth, and is told to bring Escude, a lost girl from the angel clan back to Vanneth.

Physical Release via Limited Run

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