Dauntless Dev Diary Explores Inspirations Behind Their Latest Behemoth

New behind-the-scenes video reveals design choices behind a new foe.

Phoenix Labs released a new video last week that jumps into the inspiration behind the creation of Torgadoro.

The video covers some interesting concepts behind how the team approaches the Behemoth and environment design, including a focus on references to real-life animal movements; the latest Behemoth design fuses gorilla and primate behavior with that of the Hulk, of Marvel comic and film fame.

Torgadoro’s design also features the team’s latest attempts to combine personality animations with actual gameplay mechanics, such as the Behemoth’s ability to throw rocks from the ground.

Principal environment artist Jen Morgan also shared some of how her fascination with Hawaii’s ecology had gone into the design of the flora, as well as how the team aims to provide “compositional moments” to provide variety throughout the level.

Check out more about Dauntless here.

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