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This Halo Infinite “Time Travel” Rumor is Absurd

Is the latest Halo Infinite rumor a little...too odd to be true?
  • Unsubstantiated rumors indicate a time travel aspect to Halo Infinite‘s upcoming narrative.
  • There has been no official response to this “leak” and fans have been quick to point out inconsistencies and oddities about the nature of the rumor.
  • Halo Infinite has been described as a “spiritual reboot” by 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross.

Halo Infinite’s plot may revolve around time travel? Rumors and alleged leaks are often a speculative hornets nest of possible assumptions unless there’s something more substantial to go by (as in the latest leak for The Last of Us: Part II which includes major cut-scenes spoiling the story–I will not link to those here or go into that, don’t worry.)

The latest rumor for Halo Infinite is perhaps so bizarre that it’s either complete nonsense, or could indicate how 343 Industries plans to redirect the story of the series after the polarizing experience that was Halo 5 Guardians.

As reported on GameRant, an anonymous person without a track record of proven leaks, has leaked serious details concerning the amount of content Infinite will have, as well as how the story will manage to deal with its plot–which will apparently involve the Master Chief sending Cortana back in time to undo many of the events that took place in Halo 5 Guardians.

It’s worth noting that such a plot device would be considerably uncharacteristic for Halo, a series which while involving very high-concept science fiction themes (bordering even on fantasy) hasn’t been known for bending “reality” this far.

There are some things to consider, however. Granting this rumor some legitimacy (though it can’t really earn that very well at this point), it’s not too farfetched to suggest that such a narrative device wouldn’t be considered given the state Halo is in. The last game shook things up considerably for the game’s universe, had a pretty confusing marketing campaign, and featured the controversial decision to reserve the series’ main character for about twenty percent of the overall experience.

Halo doesn’t command the spotlight it once did, and even the last entry in the series involved some interesting wordplay on how to describe its launch success. Furthermore, the most recent games have seen a number of shifts and changes to its gameplay formula, and the story revelations of the last game arguably left series veterans, whether they’re immersed in the expanded lore or not, in a somewhat confused place. To a certain degree, a time travel story to effectively “undo” much of what happened at least in the last game (if not in the fourth entry) might not be too farfetched from the perspective of a creative team looking to reverse or chart a new course–343’s studio head, Bonnie Ross, has described the upcoming title as a “spiritual reboot.”

While “spiritual reboot” doesn’t scream “time travel” or even any kind of substantial redirection of the series, the choice of words may have been intentional in preventing wild speculation about any kind of “hard” reboot.

As expected, there’s a good amount of skepticism about this rumor going about Halo fan corners of the internet. Reddit’s r/HaloStory has seen discussion that scrutinizes this leak’s similarity to a well-known Marvel Cinematic Universe plot, as well as the overall accuracy and consistency of the language the leaker seems to use.

The notion of any truth to these leaks understandably has some fans cautious as this is a twist which is so uncharacteristic of the series, that it might take everything down an absurd route that does invalidate much of the experiences and anticipated direction of the story thus far. Long-time Halo YouTube channel HaloFollower recently suggested he would “throw in the towel on Halo” were this to be true. Meanwhile, discussion of time travel is leading to locked forum threads on the official Halo Waypoint forum (they have a zero-tolerance policy for all leaks, real or fake.)

Time will tell what happens with Halo Infinite’s story, but its safe for now to say that these rumors are absurd in the sense that they are likely not true–yet they also might be absurd enough to be the last resort of a creative team looking to get their legacy series out of the mud.

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