Stay Home and Get STONE Earlier on Switch

STONE releases on Nintendo Switch on May 8th (M8 day in Australia).

“Stoner noir” adventure game STONE is getting its release date pushed up by Convict Games for the Nintendo Switch in order to help those staying at home during the quarantine.

The new release day happens to be May 8th, otherwise known as “M8 Day,” the “Aussie day of companionship and good will for all.”

Writer and director of STONE describes the game as “an interactive story [he’s] always wanted to tell and play,” featuring a koala P.I. who has to navigate his fragmented memories (Cloud has nothing on this guy) to figure out what happened on the evening before while facing a life-changing threat from a mysterious call.

The team behind STONED brings their decade-worth of experience from games such as Quantum Break, and Control, as well as films like Gravity, World War Z, and Prometheus to this trippy adventure.

Check it out on Switch on May 8th, and if you’re that impatient, the game is now available on the iOS App Store, Xbox, and PC.

Convict Games has also provided the wonderful and eclectic soundtrack to the game on (you guessed it) Soundcloud,

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