Get to Diggin’ with Deep Rock Galactic on May 13th

Space dwarf mining co-op game exits early access on May 13th for PC and Xbox.
  • Space dwarf mining co-op game exits early access on May 13th for PC and Xbox.
  • The launch will include two cosmetic DLC packs.
  • Version 1.0 includes nearly an hour of new music for the soundtrack.
  • 40 fan-made trailers will be premiered on the game’s social channels leading up to release day.

Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games have finally announced the official release date of the 1.0 build of this exciting co-op FPS game for PC and Xbox. Check out the announcement trailer here:

Since its early access premiere in early 2018, Deep Rock Galactic breezed past one million sales, with thousands of players contributing to the evolution of the game’s mechanics.

After on-going monthly updates adding more enemies, weapons, missions, and more, the team is excited to launch the game with two cosmetic DLC expansions and has expanded the soundtrack with 50 new minutes of “space-dwarf synth goodness.”

Ghost Ship Games will also be revealing the results of their fan-sourced trailer competition, showing off the top 40 of over 200 submissions on social media channels; the winner will get its premiere on launch day.

Key features for the game as outlined in the press release include:

1 to 4 player Co-Op: Work together as a team to dig, explore, and fight your way through massive cave systems filled with hordes of deadly enemies and valuable resources.

4 Unique Classes: Mow through enemies as the Gunner, scout ahead and light up the caves as the Scout, chew through solid rock as the Driller, or support the team with defensive structures and turrets as the Engineer.

Fully Destructible Environments: Destroy everything around you to reach your goal. There is no set path so you can complete your mission your way. But proceed with caution, you don’t want to stumble into an alien swarm unprepared!

Procedurally Generated Cave Network: Explore a network of procedurally generated cave systems filled with enemies to fight and riches to collect. 

High-Tech Gadgets and Weapons: Clean the caves of Hoxxes IV with the CSPR Flamethrower and the “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun, light the way with flares, tackle tough terrain with the Reinforced Power Drill and reach new heights with the grappling hook.

Deep Rock Galactic deploys on Steam, Xbox One and the Microsoft Store on May 13th.

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