EVERSPACE 2 Update Details Ship Design, Planetary Exploration, and More!

Upcoming space shooter gets new art and details design directions.
  • ROCKFISH details positive-yet-slower progress during the pandemic in a Kickstarter update.
  • New concept art details and screen shots shows off a more expansive sequel.
  • New texturing and modeling techniques allow the team to “higher per-pixel details” on ships.
  • RPG-style skill sets return, promising greater customization.
  • A new, persistent open world allows the team to build “handcrafted locations” such as planets.

Not content with letting the global pandemic impede their progress, ROCKFISH is firing away at building the sequel to their surprise indie-hit. While the new game drops its predecessor’s rougelite design, the team is promising in a new update on Kickstarter to bring even greater detail to the ships and worlds players will be navigating later this year when the game hits early access later this year.

According to the update, new developments in texturing and modelling techniques (“floaters, decals, and emissive materials”) will make both interior and exterior surfaces sing with incredible amounts of customizable detail.

Players will have access to a suite of color options, as well as other possible customization features the team promises to reveal later on.

EVERSPACE 2 is set in an open world instead of the more randomly generated roguelite style of the previous entry; this shift, according to the team, allows the developers to build out not only aesthetically pleasing worlds, but can further shape and design exciting gameplay features as well as “cutscenes and scripted events.”

The game will aim for quality over quantity, as the team promises a smaller set of well-designed planets, as opposed to a large number of hollow worlds.

EVERSPACE 2 is expected to enter Early Access in December of this year.

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