Survive One Turn at a Time with Prometheus Wept

Timeslip Softworks announces their upcoming "post-technology" RPG, coming "when it's done."
  • Timeslip Softworks’ latest game will be a “post-technology” turn-based RPG called Prometheus Wept.
  • With a post apocalyptic setting, players will have to utilize “classical technologies” to survive.
  • The studio hasn’t announced a release date or window, but has launched a Steam page for the game.

Irish studio Timeslip Softworks have announced their new “post-technology” turn-based RPG, Prometheus Wept; check out all of the details on the game’s Steam page.

Previously known for their work on Vigilantes, the studio is building a turn-based RPG experience that “transports players to a near-future earth [where] virtually all computerised technology” has been destroyed by a virus (too soon?)

Players will have to assume the role of a “classical technologist” and must survive this new landscape while recovering “cultural relics” from the mid 21st century.

The premise is pretty audacious, as the studio will have to balance “interactions between fire, water, and electricity” both when it comes to combat and role-play. Timeslip is promising “deep character and crafting systems” as well as “meaningful player choices and an engaging branching narrative.”

The game is being financially assisted by the Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union.

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