The Future Sucks in Umurangi Generation, Out on May 19th

Experimental photo game launches on May 19th
  • Photography game Umurangi Generation launches on Steam May 19th.
  • Players are given simple tasks they must photograph, with unlimited potential for creative takes on the assignment.
  • The game emphasizes freedom and creativity over restriction and punishment.
  • A demo is currently available on the game’s Steam page.

Umurangi Generation describes itself directly as being set in “the shitty future,” and you get to take pictures. Fun!

Based in New South Wales, the Australian developer ORIGAME DIGITAL have set the release date for their retro-future inspired photo game, launching it on Steam for Windows on May 19th.

With a focus on “player expression and creative output,” and a camera in hand instead of a gun, the game takes inspiration from Jet Set Radio, as well as classic anime, sending players out on a quest to take a list of photos with simple descriptions such as “7 Birds,” leaving the choice of execution up to the player.

Director Naphtali Faulker describes the experience as one that avoids punishment, allowing players to explore the “thousands of different ways” a photo can be taken. You can jump into a demo right now to get a sense of what it has on offer.

Here are some highlights from the game’s press release:

The first Free form open ended photography game:
Umurangi Generation is not on the Rails or a photography component of a larger game. It is a fully featured photography game focusing entirely on the art of photography itself.

A photography game for beginners and pros:
Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a rookie looking to learn how to take photos. Umurangi Generation will ease players into taking photos using industry standard language and concepts. Pros should feel right at home with how lenses and editing works.

Full creative control:
Express yourself by creating beautiful shots using a wide variety of lenses, equipment and diverse editing suite of tools to give your photos a unique feel.

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