Moonray, an Intergalactic Souls-Like, Enters Early Access in July

A surreal souls-like experience for the future arrives via Early Access in July.
  • Abstract souls-like, Moonray, hits Early Access in July.
  • The Early Access build will focus on desert environments, showcasing “several hours” of content.
  • The full release is planned for 2021, with next-gen hardware ambitions on the horizon.

Washington-based developer, Everything is Full of Gods, is bringing Moonray, a visually mind-bending souls-like experience, to Early Access on Steam on July 2nd, 2020, with plans to bring the experience to next-generation hardware later on. Check out the reveal trailer here:

Aiming to push the limits of PC hardware, Moonray sees players take control of a golem tasked with defending its creator through abstract wastelands across the universe.

The Early Access release will feature hours worth of gameplay across the game’s unique landscapes, focusing on desert environments first, with forests arriving in version 1.0. The team hopes to release the final game in the summer of 2021, with support for English language text and voice acting, as well as potential support for Spanish, French, Dutch, and German.

In choosing to release the game via Early Access, Rodrigo Etcheto, founder of Everything is Full of Gods stated:

Moonray’s debut on Early Access gives us the chance to both iterate on existing systems and shape an unconventional universe,” said Rodrigo Etcheto, founder, Everything is Full of Gods. “While we have a clear vision for a one-of-a-kind sci-fi action game, the fresh perspectives and feedback gained from Early Access will shape the future of Moonray and provide the best possible experience when the console communities join at 1.0.”

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