Sword of the Necromancer Slays its Stretch Goals, Full Release Expected Late 2020

Indie action RPG surges past stretch goals, headed for a 2020 release date.
  • Sword of the Necromancer hits all of its stretch goals on Kickstarter after reaching more than 900% of its funding.
  • The studio is now able to add considerably more content, including special modes, and a remastered soundtrack.
  • The Kickstarter campaign runs until May 8th, with the final release of the game expected Q4 of 2020, according to the game’s Steam page.

In less than a month, the upcoming indie action RPG, Sword of the Necromancer, from Grimorio of Games, has surged past 900% of its funding goal on Kickstarter–easily hitting all of its stretch goals.

Stretch goals for Sword of the Necromancer can be found on their Kickstarter page and include complete voice acting in English, Japanese, French, and German. The team is also able to add in extra bosses, a dungeon builder, a complete remaster of their soundtrack with live instruments, and a boss rush mode.

Sword of the Necromancer will feature original music from Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Nintendo Minute) and Emi Evans (Nier games, Dark Souls).

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