English Voice Cast Revealed for Slavic RPG, Black Book

Slavic Mythology and Card-Based Battles in a Quest to Revive a Fallen Love. Awesome.

In just four days, Morteshka’s Black Book, a card-based RPG adventure “rooted in Slavic mythology” has surged past its funding goal and already cleared one stretch goal on Kickstarter. Check out the announcement trailer here:

As a result of hitting their first stretch goal, the team has revealed their English cast, featuring some familiar voices, and in a new trailer they sound fantastic.

Vasilisa: Sarah Anne Williams known for Jinx in League of Legends and Chihaya in Persona 5

Egor: Kyle Hebert known for Ryu in Street Fighter and the Narrator in Dragon Ball Z

Nikolai: Daman Mills known for Frieza in Dragon Ball Super and Kai in Beastars

Proshka: Emmy winner Ben Diskin known for Mega Man in Mega Man 11 and Aida in Beastars

Black Book is the result of the team’s love for Russian mythology and folklore. With a simply gorgeous hand-drawn art style, the game will follow the story of Vasilisa as she tries to bring her beloved back from death, venturing into realms that “may be better left alone.”

A free demo, Black Book: Prologue, is available on Steam and will be released on all major platforms when it’s complete.

This one is hitting all the right vibes and will be exciting to look forward to.

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