Tsugi Gives Developers New Powers with DSP Fantasy

More spell slots for your next fantasy game!

Tokyo-based software developer, Tsugi, is bringing their procedural audio to new realms with DSP Fantasy. Capable of producing original, fully customizable “high-quality sound effects for heroic fantasy and medieval adventures,” this new tool helps developers flesh out the aural environments of their worlds without needing to record sounds via traditional methods or take up large amounts of disk space many sound libraries are known for.

Adding to its ease of use is a quick “Export to Unity” feature, basically spitting out all WAV files into an asset folder, complete with meta files, and C# scripts. Check out more sound samples on their soundcloud:

Tsugi’s procedural audio engine can produce and emulate the following sounds:

Creatures: Bat, Bear, Bird, Horse, Rat, Spider, Wildcat, Wolf, Demon, Dragon, Goblin, Golem, Plant, Troll, Sea Monster, Skeleton, Slime, Zombie.
Dungeon: Door, Keys, Trap, Chest, Coins, Gems, Loot, Chains, Rolling-Sliding, Breathing, Cloth Foley, Footsteps, Heartbeat, Hit.
Environment: Cave, Fire, Leaves, Rain, River, Rocks, Seashore, Thunderstorm, Wind.
Inventory: Confirm-Cancel, Select-Click, Add-Remove, Equip-Unequip, Raise-Lower, Next-Previous, Move, Purchase-Sell, Use .
Magic: Aerial Summon, Apparition, Doppelganger, Enchanted Arrow, Fireball, Freezing Spell, Healing Spell, Incantation, Inferno, Lightning Spell, Metamorphosis, Protection, Shockwave.
Weapons: Arrow, Bow, Crossbow, Musket, Cannon, Sling, Catapult, Axe, Dagger, Mace, Spear, Sword, Shield.
The workflow of DSP Fantasy is immediate: select a category (e.g. Weapons) , a type of sound (e.g. Sword), and adjust the parameters. Once a satisfactory sound has been created, it can be saved as a WAVE file, exported directly to  a Unity* game project, or sent to another audio tool.

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