From Hate to Strategy: Ancestors Legacy Arrives on Switch in June

The developer behind Hatred is bringing their 2018 RTS to Nintendo's platform.

Poland-based developer, Destructive Creations, notoriously known for Hatred, has announced June 11th as the release date for 2018’s PC RTS Ancestors Legacy.

With a “history-inspired storyline” and a complete “day-night” cycle, along with an “action camera” this is very versatile and unique RTS experience that should be right at home with the growing and diverse library of the Nintendo Switch.

To make the experience more seamless on the Switch, Destructive Creations states that they’ve made alterations to the game to improve playability on a controller, “the use of which” they say “has been prepared and tested for […] from the very beginning.” The user interface will also see somewhat of a change, in combination with full touch screen support for the Switch.

The developer has promised that there’ve been no major compromises to the game as a result of the more limited platform hardware. Stating that the experience “still features the same refined gameplay experiences, boosted by cinematic action-camera and over 600 single combat animations.”

The game is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

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