Get to Waiting with…Line Simulator

It's exactly what you think it is.

Perhaps you reached the top of the stairs at Shinra HQ in Final Fantasy VII Remake (or the original) and thought to yourself: “whoa, I need more experiences like this…perhaps even slower.” Well for those interested, or those just really into Baudrillard or something, Stracos Labs is bringing Line Simulator to Steam–and you can wait for it until November 1st of this year, when it’s slated for launch.

The developer hasn’t shared too many details yet, only that the game promises to “recreate some of your favorite line standing experiences” in a “flawless recreation of standing in line.” Apparently the game also contains “adult humor” and “cartoon violence,” so maybe a fight will break out or something–I mean, those who are really interested in “historical accuracy” in video games may be waiting for a recreation of some of the 20th Century’s most memorable conflicts:

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