Waking: Action Adventure Meets Meditation, Out on June 18

The meditative, action/adventure journey charts its course for June 18th.

Aiming to redefine what it means to “get in the zone,” Jason Oda and tinyBuild have set June 18th as the release date for their upcoming “emotional and atmospheric action/adventure game,” Waking, on Xbox and PC. Check out the latest trailer right here:

A mix of action/adventure exploration and “real-world guided meditation in an introspective journey of self-reflection and remembrance,” Waking relies on creative interpretations of dream states, prompting the player to “draw on [their] own experiences, fears, and desires” as they go through the game.

Key features, as provided by the developer, include:

A true meditative experience: Third-person exploration melds with guided meditation techniques to create a new type of experience at the intersection of reflection, emotion and memory.

A uniquely personal journey: Waking asks you to draw on your own experiences, fears and desires and bring them with you on your journey to wake. Your memories are your protectors, your companions and your weapons.

A world of dreams and nightmares: The Mindscape is a treacherous place, a shifting, twisted maze of shattered thoughts and errant memory.

A fight to survive. A fight to exist: Trapped within your dying mind you face a choice: give in to oblivion or fight for your existence. Use your memories and willpower to uncover the mystery of your dreaming, and return to the waking world.

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