Demos, Livestreams, and Interviews Take the Virtual Stage with the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration

The three-day indie celebration hits Steam today.

From May 13th to the 15th, the Digital Dragons Celebration is shining a spotlight on indie developers and games, providing access to free demos, diving into interviews with developers and hosting livestreams featuring over 25 different indie titles.

Demos available include:

Ars Fabulae (Punk Notion, Poland)

Bonkies (Studio Gauntlet, Norway)

Danger Scavenger (Star Drifters, Piotr Wolk, Poland)

ELDERBORN (Hyperstrange, Poland)

Eldest Souls (Fallen Flag Studio, UK / Poland)

First Class Trouble (Invisible Walls, Denmark)

For the People (Brezg Studio, Russia)

For The Warp (Massive Galaxy Studios, Portugal)

Ghostrunner (One More Level, Poland)

Legends of Ethernal (Lucid Dreams Studio, Canada)

Liberated (Atomic Wolf, Poland)

Not For Broadcast (NotGames, UK)

Overloop (George Kobyakov, UK)

PositronX (Scorpius Games, Romania)

Rhythm Fighter (Coconut Island Games / echo games, China)

Röki (Polygon Treehouse, UK / Poland)

Rustler (Jutsu Games, Poland)

Shing! (Mass Creation, Poland)

The Blind Prophet (Ars Goetia, France)

There is No Light (Zelart, Cyprus)

Tower Princess (AweKteaM, Cyprus)

Tunche (LEAP Game Studios, Cyprus)

Uragun (Kool2Play, Poland)

Wanderlust: Transsiberian (Different Tales, Poland)

Wingspan (Monster Couch, Poland)

The stream schedule can also be found here.

In addition to this event, Digital Dragons is scheduled to host its 2020 conference in Kraków in September. Visit for more information.

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