Westmark Manor Promises to Warp Your Mind in June

(Another) Lovecraftian horror game comes to Steam and GOG on June 18th.

In case you were worried we’d reach a shortage of “Lovecraftian” works during these challenging times, you won’t be disappointed with the latest news out of Toadman and Interactive and Nodbrim Interactive today: Westmark Manor will hit Steam and the DRM-free wunderkind GOG on June 18th.

The listing isn’t live on GOG just yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam (which is a great alternative, and cheaper, alternative to building a “backlog”).

The game promises encounters with “ethereal beings,” “horrifying puzzles,” and “darkness [as] a key theme,” because of course it does. Notably, the game is tossing out combat in favor of puzzles and more atmospheric experiences.

If you needed another one of these, it’ll be available on digital storefronts for PC next month.

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