Green Man Gaming Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with New Community Features

Green Man Gaming adds new community features and opportunities to win free games and more as the site celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Official digital retailer, Green Man Gaming, is celebrating a decade (where does the time go?) of business with an improved user experience and brand new community features to help users participate in group conversations, avoid spoilers, and win free games.

In their latest press release, Green Man Gaming detailed the following additions to their storefront/platform:

– Clean User Interface

A new design with menus and features designed to be more intuitive – users can now view the latest blog content in the community home page, making it easier to keep up to date with all GMG content in one place.

– Fully Customisable Homepage

Users are now able to tailor their experience to their personal preferences through carefully curated sub-forums, subscribing to content that they are interested in. Custom backgrounds are also available based on the games the user owns.

– Keep Up with Conversations

Members can easily track all the conversations they are involved in with the new ‘My Activity’ view.

– No More Spoilers

A new spoiler tag system has been implemented so users can freely talk about that crazy ending without ruining anything for others.

– Search Functionality

A new keyword search that allows users to instantly find all the conversations on a specific game or topic easily

GMG is also trying to encourage more community activity by offering “free games and extra freebies” every month with their Wheel of Mystery. Community members can participate by spending “Greenbacks,” earned through community participation, for spins of the wheel.

Check it out at GMG’s community page.

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