Print’s Not Dead Yet: Indie Nintendo Magazine Gets Funded

Looking for an extra dose of nostalgia? Ninty Fresh aims to capture the spirit of old school game magazines.

Update 12:00 6/1/2020: Added update from Ninty Fresh on nearly doubling their funding goal.

UK-based publisher, Ninty Fresh, is hoping to pick up where Official Nintendo Magazine left when it shuttered in 2014.

Unofficial and completely independent, the magazine is turning to Kickstarter to help get their first issue off the ground and they’ve cleared their goal of an initial $2,477 (odd number a result of USD conversion from GBP).

The publisher has yet to comment on the success of their funding via Kickstarter or their Twitter page, but I’d imagine celebration is quickly on its way.

In describing the spirit of their publication, Ninty Fresh said:

Ninty Fresh is an unofficial print Nintendo magazine, packed with the latest content, analysis and Switch reviews, blended with some quality retro Nintendo coverage. Think of it as ONM/NOM crossed with Retro Gamer, although unaffiliated with any of those publications.

The first issue is expected to feature an interview with Tim Street, former NOM editor and will ship worldwide, with digital and print copies expected to be widely available.

Nearly doubling their funding goal, Ninty Fresh responded:

To paraphrase that Jamie Lawson song from earlier in the decade, we weren’t expecting that. To be funded in just over two hours is incredible – and we certainly didn’t expect those Nintendo 64 levels to go so quickly! Thank you all for your amazing support!

We are almost 200% funded, which is incredible, but there’s still so many more people we can reach! We need your help to spread the word to every Nintendo fan you know. How many people do you know, or have seen online that says “I miss ONM/NGamer/Nintendo Power/N Revolution?” This is everyone’s chance to ensure that a proper, massive Nintendo magazine can continue: making this one is going to happen now. We need to see how much demand there is to justify making more! Please help us reach more people,

Ninty Fresh

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