Adventure in Aellion Arrives via Early Access

The co-op RPG enters Early Access on Steam today.

After a brief delay in their release schedule, Adventure in Aellion is finally available via Early Access on Steam. Promising a dynamic co-op RPG experience filled with exploration, combat, and puzzles to solve, it’s hard to deny the charm of its visual presentation.

With so many fantasy games typically set in a more realistic environment, this is a welcome change of pace and feels like it will be a great fit for groups of friends who are interested more in the fun of fantasy, and less of a gritty “simulation” experience. It’s a nice change of pace.

Developer, The Game Production Company, has noted in their announcement that they’re interested in taking as much community feedback as they can to really shape the future of the title based on player-interest. Stating in their Discord:

As we’re in Early Access, we’ve got many updates and changes planned for the game along its development to full release. We’ve put together a roadmap for the future of Aellion in 2020 here to keep you updated on the new additions coming over the next few months […]

As we update the game more and more, we expect the price may increase – however, as soon as you’ve bought the game, you get all future updates totally for free. So, make sure you grab it together to make sure you get the absolute best price!

The support of our community has been invaluable in the development of Adventure in Aellion, and we’re incredibly grateful to have had you here on this journey with us.

The Game Production Company

The company has published their roadmap on Steam, detailing what players should expect up until December of this year–and with many of us still quarantined, sheltered-in-place, or just playing it safe while current events remain as crazy and unpredictable as they tend to, taking a trip with friends to a new and interesting fantasy land might well be worth the price of admission for an Early Access preview of what’s to come for this title.

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