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New Release: Journey of the Broken Circle out on Steam and Switch

Are you just searching to become whole? This game is for you!

Lovable Hat Cult (yes, that is the studio’s name) and publisher Nakana have brought their unique, if not somewhat quirky, puzzle platformer to Steam and the Switch–the latter being yet another reason Nintendo’s ambidextrous console is too good to be true; add to that, it’s currently on sale for under $10, so there’s really little excuse for you not owning a “copy.”

The game is ostensible about an incomplete circle faced with the trials of becoming whole…as if I didn’t need another reason to cry into my morning coffee. Players will guide their emo circle through a world of lovable art in order to meet differently shaped characters who will aid the player in advancing forward.

Writer Andrea Brasch described the game’s themes as a

“[reflection of] the experience of being human. So we made a game about a limbless circle. But a very human circle! We all feel insecure at times, and our relationships with others simultaneously lift us, but can also make us feel incomplete on our own. That’s never been more true than it is right now, so if our game can help people through this trying time, we know it will have been worth it.”

Andrea Brasch on Journey of the Broken Circle

So if games like Gris weren’t enough to get all emotional over, we can now brave the world as “Broken Circle,” which is just the most succinct way of describing how most of us probably feel in the year of our Lord, 2020.

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