SEGA/ATLUS Set to Reveal PSO2 New Genesis at TGS 2020

TGS 2020 Promises a Look at the Next Chapter for PSO2

Oh, hey! TGS is around the corner–in like, three days–and the hype is already underway for Phantasy Star Online 2 players.

Set to premiere on September 25th (this Friday), PS02 New Genesis Introduction hopes to “introduce” (we should assume) the next chapter for the MMO. From the looks of things, the game should be getting a visual facelift (ought we use that term?) and some pretty substantial alterations to its core gameplay “loop.”

Check back here for a “breakdown” of the new info this Friday. Until then, read other things, do other things, check out this English language dive into some of the things to expect; and if you speak and read Japanese, of which I am incredibly jealous of, you can read more about the event here.

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