DiRT 5 Will Let You Scratch that MotorStorm Itch

Dirt! And cars!

There’s a lot of humor here. I mean, I could make Darude jokes, but I could also reference MotorStorm (yeah, yeah, Codemasters has a lot of publicity as it is, so I can waste your time by dwelling in nostalgia for Sony’s once-alluring PS3 racer) since that’s what this new “Morroco Mayhem” trailer reveals (I’m sure that title’s problematic in at least one or two ways).

Motorstorm isn’t a totally uncalled for reference if only because it reveals just how far games have come visually when you compare the two–it’s also wild to see this concept taken to new graphical heights. The Sony exclusive series may have had a touch more demolition derby than DIRT certainly does, but, regardless, it’s impressive to note that this was pretty groundbreaking back “in the day™” (except for the Nirvana song…that remains a strange fit.)

Aaaanyway, it’s a new DIRT game and you can buy it anywhere, probably. The studio is proud, though, of their depiction of a “Moroccan sand-storm” (again, yeah, I’m sure that’s problematic in someway…cancel them, not me), with Robert Karp, development director, stating:

“Nothing demonstrates our dynamic weather better than a Morocco sand-storm. Being visually impaired and battling the elements means players must retain focused if they’re to taste victory.”

Robert Karp, Development Director of DIRT 5

So, yeah. Weather, sand, cars, all of it is yours on the Xboxes (all of them, I’m not writing out those different version names, but I will write this out because it’s more obnoxious for you than it is for me to keep track of the ways Microsoft is naming their consoles–whoa, major caffeine digression!), the PlayStations, PC, and something known as “Google Stadia,” which could stand to be as forgotten as Motorstorm itself (though, Sony, do bring back Motorstorm…and Syphon Filter, if we’re digging up old “franchises.”)

Also, you (yes, you) should do your homework and read up on your culture’s history here:

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