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One Finger Death Punch 2 is Coming to PS4 and Surely There’s a Joke Here

Beat the hell out of stick people on September 30th

I’m torn between making an amusing (at least to me, anyway) statement about either a terrible band or a 2000’s era internet trend where Shockwave (oh yeah, original wax right there) animations of stick people doing terrible and somewhat problematic (actually, very problematic in some cases) things. But you’re not here to read about how clever I think I am, so let’s cut to it: One Finger Death Punch 2 is out on PS4 on September 30th!

The game promises some simple and easy-to-learn mechanics that apparently contain the potential for some serious mastery and engaging dynamics.

The game looks like a good time–and I’d wager is even better with some alcohol or other substances. It’s also on Steam if you’re that impatient. Go fire it up on your Steam Machine and mash those buttons on your Steam Controller (of which, I own two and make every attempt to remind people of this.)

Okay, but seriously, this just reminds me of this old gem. Oh the sounds of dial up bring a warmth of nostalgia to my decaying form.

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