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The Wizard and The Slug is Undeniably Adorable and is Set for a November 9th Release on Steam

Anyone can become a hero! Even you!

Much as I love a good romp through vicious, violent, blood-drenched murder video games, it’s hard to deny cute platform adventures that simply demand all of your attention. I am, of course, speaking of The Wizard and The Slug, due for release on Steam on November 9th. Check out some of its gameplay here:

Developed by Silkworm and published by Meridian4, this colorful journey (which, come on, demands a Switch release in the future, PLEASE) features a fugitive wizard and forest slug as a dynamic duo faced with confronting an ancient curse. Half of it sounds like your average D&D adventure, but, hey, I’ll take fantasy tropes for unique protagonists any day of the week!

The narrative is stretched out over 3 acts, with the gameplay making use of a health system tied to your slug comrade–a slug, as the press release describes, who earns the title as the “most agile slug in gaming history.” Might need a fact check on that one…

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