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World for Two’s Gorgeous Pixel Art Can Now be Enjoyed on the Switch

Lush pixel art and a quest to bring life back to the world. What's not to love?

Nostalgia alone doesn’t explain my love of pixel art, be it in games or otherwise, and World for Two, released on the Switch this month, is just another incredible example of how bold and poignant this style of art can be.

Originally released on iOS and Android in 2019 from Yokaze and room6, it’s terrific to see this beautiful title released on a dedicated gaming device–one that is more than well suited for these types of games.

The premise of the game involves the player taking on the role of an artificial construct tasked with restoring life to the world after serious ecological collapse.

The Switch version contains some improvements over the original mobile releases, seeing brand new art assets, new creatures, additions to the story, a rerecorded and expanded soundtrack, English localization, and apparently much more!

Check out some of the gameplay here, courtesy of Beach Pizza Gaming:

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