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Arcane Showdown is Yet Another F2P Game to Waste Your Time With

Fight things, collect things!

A lot has been made of one’s “backlog” in recent years; though I suspect this usually refers to paid games that may or may not be singleplayer (backlog sort of signifies that it’s something on a list that could be completed and would, therefore, somewhat imply that titles like Destiny or Warframe or SMITE or what have you don’t get thought of here since they can never really be “completed”), we should probably start thinking of F2P and multiplayer games in this light; there are countless varieties and all are vying for your complete attention (and usually your wallet).

Anyway, Arcane Showdown is yet another one of these titles, now leaving Early Access on Steam. Despite a somewhat cynical headline, it is very colorful and does look like a good time–the question, of course, will be how something like this manages to stand out from all the other kinds of similar experiences out there.

Described as a “multiplatform phenomenon created for players who value the art of strategy and competition,” it’s mostly an RTS experience that gives me some MOBA vibes, even if the game doesn’t explicitly describe itself that way or even have many of those mechanics. The title also has some good old PvP, because who doesn’t want that?

This is the second game from developer Big Huge Games, and while I can’t totally get pulled into this style of game (if for no other reason than that there are just so many), there’s clearly some fantastic artistic talent behind it–and, honestly, what better way to waste your time than to spend it with some awesome art?

It’s also on mobile platforms, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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