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Atmospheric Puzzle Adventure The Sojourn Releases on Steam Today

Pretty music, pretty colors, puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

My typical unprofessional snark, even where it concerns games I like, might cast this game in a bad light, so let me shut up and you just watch this trailer for a moment:

Gorgeous! Right? I actually hadn’t seen or heard about this title until this morning–and I’m glad I did!

There are a lot of puzzle games out there of varying quality, and without playing The Sojourn, out today on Steam with a brand new digital deluxe version, I can’t attest to what it’s like to play, but, damn, does this look and sound simply wonderful.

Previously exclusive to consoles and the Epic Games Store (oh noes), the game’s deluxe version surfaces on Steam with a “never-before-seen playable prototype of Equilibrium,” an apparent version of The Sojourn early in its development. The deluxe version also contains a bunch of goodies such as PDF art books and the luscious soundtrack.

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