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Move Fast and Break Robots as a Ninja with 10 Second Ninja X

The fast-paced ninja simulator from 2016 comes to the Switch!

There’s something quite nice about a game that plays with its title in an interesting way. 10 Second Ninja X quite literally focuses on intense, 10-second gameplay intervals where the player fights off robots built by the “nefarious Captain Greatbeard.”

Such a scenario seems uniquely fitted to the Switch, and even reminds me a bit of some of the discussion surrounding the older Grand Theft Auto “Stories” titles that originally released for the PSP, where gameplay and mission structure had to be designed in smaller chunks in order to make for a more satisfying portable experience.

The game contains 100 levels across 11 game worlds with a bunch of marathon modes for those who get really drawn into the game’s “loop.” Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to yet be a listing on Nintendo’s website, but this definitely looks like a portable must-own.

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